Treat (Or Trick) Your Family To A Healthy Halloween

15 Oct 2020 Blog

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We love spooky season, but the candy overload can be a real problem if you’re not careful! When we consume sugary treats, the dental plaque on our teeth mix with the sugar to form an acid. This acid can deteriorate the tooth enamel and as a result cavities can develop. Our team has put together some ideas for a healthy Halloween that will make all the ghouls and ghals in your family smile!

Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

Since many families are opting to stay in this year, we put together a list of spooktacular snacks you can easily make at home! Trying treating your family to one of the following:

Tips For Candy Management

There are a few things you can do to avoid a candy free-for-all this halloween. We suggest the following tips:

  1. Buy candy at the last minute. This will help to make sure your family doesn’t indulge in any pre-Halloween snacking!
  2. Serve a big and healthy dinner the night of Halloween. By doing this, your family won’t be as tempted to fill up on the sweet treats!
  3. Be a good role model. Set an example for your family and set limitations on the amount of candy everyone can have, including yourself! Let everyone choose one or two favourite sweets to have on Halloween.

Treat Your Smile In Scarborough!

You shouldn’t have a spooky smile all year round! We can help when you give us a call at (416) 321-9855 or fill out our contact form online to request an appointment. Dr. Salazar and our professional dental team can also help you explore other ways to improve your smile such as teeth whitening or veneers! We can’t wait to see you smiling in our office soon!