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Dr. Shirley Cuevas Salazar

Doctor, mother, and servant of the Lord. Who is this woman behind the mask?

Dr. Shirley Salazar is the sixth of eight children, born to distinguished parents Dr. Agapito Cuevas, himself a dentist in the Philippine Army, and Mrs. Norma Cuevas, a registered nurse. Born and reared in La Loma, Quezon City, Philippines, Dr. Salazar enjoyed a simple and fun-filled childhood with loving family and friends.

She graduated in 1989 from Manila Central University with a degree in Dental Medicine and in the same year, she immigrated to Canada. She is a mother of two daughters and one son.

Dr. Salazar’s willingness, hard work and diligent hands to pursue her dental profession lead to opening her private practice in May 2000. Through the years she earned the trust and respect of patients, colleagues and the Filipino community.

Aside from providing dental care through her healing hands, Dr. Shirley Salazar always extends her hands to the poor and needy. She consistently supports organizations such as the Friends of Jesus Christ, Canada, Filipino Canadian Medical Association (FCMA) and other projects. She also volunteers for the Philippine Dental Mission.

She has a strong faith in God and Christianity. Her outstanding qualities of generosity, compassion, and kindness make her a blessing to everyone she meets in her life. As she said, ”My heart’s desire is to serve the Lord with the gifts and talents He has given me for His glory.”

Not only is Dr. Shirley Salazar a service provider of smiles and dental healthcare, but also a service provider of love for her people and the God of Israel.