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Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards from your Shaughnessy Dentist

If you’re an athlete, especially a player of contact sports, protecting your mouth is of the utmost importance. At our South Vancouver dental practice, Smile A Lot Dental Centre, we believe that oral health is just as important as the health of your body, that’s why we offer mouth guards to all of our patients.

A simple mouthguard can often protect you from minor or sometimes serious injuries that occur while being active. Just imagine getting a sports injury to your mouth that requires surgery or a dental implant? It can easily be prevented by a mouthguard.

The team at our Shaughnessy dental practice takes into consideration your individual needs when creating a mouth guard. The process is simple, and is completely customized to your individual mouth. It will allow for uninterrupted breathing and will be comfortable while wearing it. Mouth guards are made both for the upper and lower teeth.

Please contact Smile A Lot Dental Centre if you are interested in a sports mouth guard and we can schedule an appointment or consultation today.