Fluorosis Treatment in Scarborough, ON

Prevent and treat fluorosis!

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Fluorosis is a cosmetic tooth condition that, though often harmless, can be embarrassing. This condition can range from stains on your teeth, such as dark brown or yellow, to pits or surface irregularities that can be very noticable. However, it is most commonly faint white lines or streaks on teeth.

Fluorosis occurs when children consume too much fluoride during ages 1-8, when permanent teeth are developing under the gums. This can be due to swallowing toothpaste or mouthwashes that contain fluoride, or by taking a high amount of fluoride supplements. When you have all your adult teeth come in, you cannot develop fluorosis any longer.

In order to prevent fluorosis, attention and good hygiene is key. It’s recommended that you keep track of exactly how much fluoride intake your child is getting, and plan fluoride content from fruit drinks or supplements. Ensure you keep all fluoride products out of reach from young children, and only use a pea sized amount of toothpaste when brushing. Most importantly, make sure your child spits out the toothpaste when done brushing.

Fluorosis Prevention

Fluorosis treatment mainly consists of masking the stains with coverings or tooth whitening methods. For more information on fluorosis or to book your dental appointment today, please contact us or visit Dr. Shirley Salazar Dentistry. We serve both Scarborough and Toronto, Ontario.