How Stress Can Have an Impact on Your Oral Health

15 Aug 2020 Blog

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Stress is a natural feeling that everyone will experience in their life at one time or another. However, constant and high levels of stress can be very harmful. Too much stress can be linked to weakened immune systems, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure and in some cases even heart disease. What many people don’t think about is the impact stress can have on your oral health as well. If you’re experiencing high levels of stress, it’s important to check in with your dentist to make sure that no oral problems are arising.

What Oral Problems Does Stress Impact? 

Teeth Grinding. When you’re experiencing a high amount of stress and anxiety, teeth grinding is a very common side effect, specifically while you’re sleeping. Teeth grinding can cause headaches, jaw soreness and serve damage to your teeth if it goes untreated. We recommend wearing a mouthguard at night to help stop the problem.

Gum Disease. Since stress is known to lower immune systems. Your body could be more prone to certain diseases such as gum disease. If you have gum disease, we will put you on a treatment plan to help reduce the inflammation.

TMJ. As stated by the Canadian Dental Association, “jaw joints and groups of muscles that let us chew, swallow, speak and yawn are known as the temporomandibular” or TMJ. Stress can cause these joints to swell or stiffen up which can cause soreness, clicking and popping in your jaw. We recommend meditation, changes to your diet or possibly anti-anxiety medication.

Canker Sores. Canker sores will appear as little white dots on the inside of your mouth. Although they don’t pose any long-term threats, they can be very painful. We will prescribe you a rise or gel if it’s an ongoing issue.

Tooth Decay. Often when we’re stressed, our bodies will often start to crave sugar. A high amount of sugar intake and lead to tooth decay and other problems such as cavities. We assess each patient on a case-to-case basis for tooth decay.

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If you’re experiencing any of the above or have been feeling stressed out, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (416) 321-9855 or fill out a contact form online. We want to make sure that your oral health isn’t something you’re stressing over! Our team of dental professionals would be happy to assess the state of your oral health. We can also help you explore other ways to improve your oral health such as Invisalign or veneers! New and existing patients are always welcome!