Benefits of Invisalign

15 Sep 2020 Blog

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As we enter the new fall season, it feels like we’re all getting a fresh start! Now would be a great time to explore a new smile with Invisalign. This treatment can help improve your oral health and smile in a discreet and convenient manner!

How Does Invisalign Work?

The way Invisalign works is through a series of soft plastic trays. During your first Invisalign appointment, one of our dental professionals will take a digital scan of your mouth to use in the creation of your custom-made clear aligners.

When you receive your Invisalign trays, you can start wearing the first one in the series right away! You must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours out of the day, but you can remove them to eat and to perform your regular oral hygiene routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Invisalign?

There are many reasons why most teens and adults are choosing Invisalign over other treatments to improve their smile. One of the most popular benefits is the fact that Invisalign trays often go unnoticed by others. Especially now that face masks are required in public spaces, it’s likely that no one will know you’re wearing them! Some other notable benefits include:

  • The trays are removable. Invisalign patients don’t have to make any diet or lifestyle changes!
  • Invisalign can improve your oral health. Aligned teeth are easier to clean, thus reducing your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease.
  • It’s comfortable. You don’t have to worry about brackets, wires or uncomfortable adjustments. Invisalign trays are designed to gently guide your teeth into alignment with each tray in the series.

Receive Invisalign In Scarborough!

If you think your oral health could benefit from Invisalign, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (416) 321-9855 or fill out a contact form online. We can also help you explore other ways to improve your smile such as teeth whitening or veneers! We can’t wait to see you smiling in our office soon!