• Oral / Dental Hygiene Services

    Oral Hygiene Services

    Keep your smile glowing, and oral health at peak performance!

    Dr. Shirley Salazar Dentistry serving Scarborough and Toronto, Ontario offers oral hygiene services

    There is more than what meets the eye with dental hygiene. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, it is important to have regular dental visits at Dr. Shirley Salazar Dentistry to maintain proper oral health.

    There are a range of professional services:

    • Plaque removal (cleaner teeth and inter-dental spaces).
    • Erosion of stains through scrubbing and fluoride.
    • Early detection of any dental illnesses.
    • Dental health counselling.

    Our experienced team of dental professionals are highly skilled and will help you achieved all of the above benefits in a relaxed environment. Our comprehensive preventative hygiene services include cleaning, polishing, fluoride, and periodontal treatments.

    For more information on our oral hygiene services, or to book a hygiene appointment, please give us a call or visit Dr. Shirley Salazar Dentistry in Scarborough, Ontario. We serve both Toronto and Scarborough.